Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Plan

Here it is. The Plan. Well the short to mid term career side of it anyway. My plan is to get stable part time work, such as my one day a week with Bespoke Letterpress. Ideally I will have three days a week of stable, regular work. Then in the other days I will do freelance work for anyone who wants me! In the mean time I will be entering design competitions such as 99designs to build my portfolio (and the prize money is a bonus!), completing online CS4 tutorials - particularly in dreamweaver and flash, creating a market stall type business and planning for our wedding! In six months I will review how things are going and set new goals from there. I am really enjoying the freedom of working for myself. I have no doubt it will take dedication and determination to create an ongoing flow of income and I am ready to work for it. The difference with this is that I enjoy the actual work. Its an outlet for my creativity and makes me feel more myself than I have felt in a while :)

Now to clean the house! then Wedding planning!

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