Thursday, March 24, 2011


Today I have been playing around with colour, making colour palettes from some very pretty images I have found online. Here is a sample of what i have been creating. Thinking I will use them for my market stall business designs. Well better go pack for theFinders Keepers Markets in Melbourne this weekend. I will be there with Bespoke Letterpress if your after some amazing letterpress goodies!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its been a while...

My posts have been somewhat sporadic lately. I have been taking photos and making notes of what I should blog about but I haven't made it to my beloved Mac to type in a post. As a result this post may be bigger than usual.

Firstly, ta da! This is my planning sheet.

It has been over a month since I left the daily grind of working in the city, and I have been quite happy. I feel more rested than I have in a long time (working only 2-3 days a week has helped this I'm sure!), but now its time to take this opportunity (not working full time that is) and do something amazing with it. So on this planning sheet are my two projects that I want to achieve, before the wedding if possible. First priority will be to get properly set up as a freelance graphic designer. I plan on creating a website (and a blog if I can get the hang of maintaining it) to promote myself, but I will be setting it up as a business. After all I have an ABN, I technically am a business :) I am hoping to learn more about promoting myself from my design internship.

My other project is having a market business. I have started brainstorming about what I might create. I figure until I have worked that element out there is no point setting up everything else.

Now onto the wedding plans I bought my wedding shoes last week! They are so pretty and sparkly all covered in crystals! I feel like Cinderella when I wear them and it is taking all my restraint not to wear them daily...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Operation Wedding

This past week I have been back on the wedding planning track. Hitting March made us realise that there is only 4 months left until the big day! And there is quite a bit left to do! Designing invitations, selecting the menu, etc, etc. At least I was able to tick some things off the list. I now have my make up artists booked in and I finished making these rosette hair pieces for my bridesmaids. It was pretty simple. You just need a length of fabric, roughly 2-3cm (or 1 inch) wide. Tie a knot in one end, twist the fabric and wrap it around the knot, glueing or sewing it as you go. I hope they like them!

Happy Birthday

It was Lucky's Mum's birthday this week so we celebrated by giving her a book and a bunch of bright pink roses that we purchased from the Rocklea Markets on the weekend (I also bought myself a bunch of pale coral roses and a bunch of irises, so beautiful... and cheap!). Of course it came to Sunday morning, the day we were to have lunch with the family and realised we didn't have a card yet! I jumped on the computer and created a typographic card and had it printed at the local Officeworks. Walking back from Officeworks it blew out of my hand onto the three lane road in front of oncoming traffic. Fortunately there was a break in traffic and I was able to pick it up, unharmed and unmarked. Lucky's Mum felt very special having a personalised card.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I really am a designer!

Ok so I know I got excited when I had an email signature that said I was a designer but now I have something else that makes me feel like I really can say that I am a Graphic Designer. It feels weird to say it because Im kinda working for myself at the moment and I guess I don't really have a job title. So here it is, my proof! I have designed a book cover! Yep thats right it will be in print and everything, you can buy it from if your considering moving office in the US.

I received some very lovely feedback from the author which resulted in a big smile of achievement and a quiet "Yes!" to myself. It was such a wonderful feeling of reassurance that I do have some skill for this and that I am capable of designing for a living!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Plan

Here it is. The Plan. Well the short to mid term career side of it anyway. My plan is to get stable part time work, such as my one day a week with Bespoke Letterpress. Ideally I will have three days a week of stable, regular work. Then in the other days I will do freelance work for anyone who wants me! In the mean time I will be entering design competitions such as 99designs to build my portfolio (and the prize money is a bonus!), completing online CS4 tutorials - particularly in dreamweaver and flash, creating a market stall type business and planning for our wedding! In six months I will review how things are going and set new goals from there. I am really enjoying the freedom of working for myself. I have no doubt it will take dedication and determination to create an ongoing flow of income and I am ready to work for it. The difference with this is that I enjoy the actual work. Its an outlet for my creativity and makes me feel more myself than I have felt in a while :)

Now to clean the house! then Wedding planning!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Ah motifs, the beautiful little flourishes that give a design that little hint of elegance or a vintage quality. I have been inspired to create some of my own motifs by using stone architecture as inspiration. What do you think?