Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lacking motivation

In an effort to get motivated I have reviewed my Life To Do List. I started work on it some time ago and while some items have been checked off the list, others have become stale. You will see cross through on the ones I have completed since first starting the list in June last year.

1. Write a blog

2. Write a book

3. Sell a piece of artwork I have created

4. Run 5km in under 30mins

5. Visit Japan

6. Visit Holland

7. Go to Disneyland

8. Grow tulips

9. Grow a herb garden (While I have completed this task, my little herb garden did not fair so well against some fungus gnats and ant army. So I will be trying again when Lucky and I move next).

10. Have a vegetable patch

11. Take a photo everyday for 1 year

12. Learn to speak a foreign language

13. Win a graphic design competition (you can view my winning book cover design in an earlier post)

14. Run my own a market stall

15. Own a leather jacket

16. Don't speak for one whole day

17. Create a typeface

18. Make an animation

19. Donate my time to a charity/worthy cause

20. Make a piece of origami every day for a month

21. Send a thank-you note to someone who has inspired me

22. Sing at a karaoke bar

23. Go to Hawaii

24. Pick wild blackberries and make a pie

25. Make a snowman

26. Dance at a Gay Bar (like in sex & the city, girls night out!)

27. Make pumpkin pie

28. Take a holiday alone

29. Own shares

30. Get married

31. Become a mother

32. Print my own fabric

33. Earn a manual drivers license

34. Win a game of tennis

35. Ride in a helicopter

36. Own a house/unit/apartment

37. Go to the Ballet

38. Make a pavlova (this is the second pavolova I made for our engagement party, the first I took to a dinner party where after the first slice it was decided that the group would eat the pav straight from the display plate)

New header

Today I have quickly created a new header. I wasn't very happy with the old one which I put up as a place holder until I made the time to create something, well, better. Here is the old one, its bad I know!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Vintage vibes

I love it when you rediscover something that you forgot you had. I found my 2 stamp albums that were given to me as a young girl. At the time I didn't really appreciate them, instead I wanted a new outfit for my Barbie, but now I really love them and I am so happy I never sold them on, which is what I considered many times. Just looking at all the old designs and illustrations, its kinda cool! Here are some of my favourite finds below.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blue bolero

I have been eyeing off a gorgeous bolero for some time now. The initial romance began when a friend sent me a link to the BHLDN website showing me a pair of shoes. I continued to browse the site and happened across the beautiful blue bolero in the coverups section. Five weeks of courting the bolero began. Should I? Shouldn't I? I mean our wedding is in winter and my dress is strapless so it would make sense. And my bridesmaids are wearing blue so it fits with the theme... two emails to BHLDN and many conversations with Lucky later I purchased the pretty accessory for our big day. I can't wait to receive it in the mail, which shouldn't be long - its been shipped already!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Oh Dear

Oh Dear, my poor little blog. How I have neglected you. To catch you up I have been busy (poor excuse I know) doing many things since we last spoke. Here is a list:

1. Finders Keepers Melbourne - I played shop girl for the wonderful Bespoke Letterpress at the March Finders Keepers markets. It was so much fun! Talking to people who love letterpress a
nd to the other store holders. I had many learnings which will come in handy when I get my own market business organised. You can read more about it at Bespoke Letterpress or Finders Keepers. These amazing images were taken by Alischa of Bespoke Letterpress.

2. Designing personalised baby posters (pictures to follow very soon).
3. Designing 30th birthday invite for one of my bestest friends (and maid of honor!)
4. Catching up with friends at the Art in the 21st Century exhibit at GoMA - awesome exhibit, especially the pool piece and my favourite, the wishing ribbon wall (Im sure thats not its actual name!) You get to pull a ribbon from the wall to keep, each ribbon has a wish on it; then you replace it with a wish of your own. We were told that the artist will use the replaced wishes in their next piece. The ribbon I pulled said "I wish I had magical powers", the friends I was with pulled "I wish everyone was happy and owned unicorns" and "I wish I was a famous cricket player". Very cool. The white paper sticking out in the image below is a replaced wish (photo from GoMA website).

5. Wedding planning - including going to the Queensland Brides wedding and honeymoon expo, which I must say was a bit of a let down. Don't bother going if you have already booked your venue. I was hoping to find information about wedding cars, alterations, stylists (you know places where you can hire props for the wedding), and honeymoons. There was one stylist organisation for beach weddings, lots of venues and DJs, lots of 'cupcake' dresses and lots of stall holders trying to put the hard sell on people. I went up to a lot of hotels and asked for honeymoon information which only one had a single page flyer. Ba Bow :(

Um thats all I can think of at the moment! will have more for you soon :D