Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Lacking motivation

In an effort to get motivated I have reviewed my Life To Do List. I started work on it some time ago and while some items have been checked off the list, others have become stale. You will see cross through on the ones I have completed since first starting the list in June last year.

1. Write a blog

2. Write a book

3. Sell a piece of artwork I have created

4. Run 5km in under 30mins

5. Visit Japan

6. Visit Holland

7. Go to Disneyland

8. Grow tulips

9. Grow a herb garden (While I have completed this task, my little herb garden did not fair so well against some fungus gnats and ant army. So I will be trying again when Lucky and I move next).

10. Have a vegetable patch

11. Take a photo everyday for 1 year

12. Learn to speak a foreign language

13. Win a graphic design competition (you can view my winning book cover design in an earlier post)

14. Run my own a market stall

15. Own a leather jacket

16. Don't speak for one whole day

17. Create a typeface

18. Make an animation

19. Donate my time to a charity/worthy cause

20. Make a piece of origami every day for a month

21. Send a thank-you note to someone who has inspired me

22. Sing at a karaoke bar

23. Go to Hawaii

24. Pick wild blackberries and make a pie

25. Make a snowman

26. Dance at a Gay Bar (like in sex & the city, girls night out!)

27. Make pumpkin pie

28. Take a holiday alone

29. Own shares

30. Get married

31. Become a mother

32. Print my own fabric

33. Earn a manual drivers license

34. Win a game of tennis

35. Ride in a helicopter

36. Own a house/unit/apartment

37. Go to the Ballet

38. Make a pavlova (this is the second pavolova I made for our engagement party, the first I took to a dinner party where after the first slice it was decided that the group would eat the pav straight from the display plate)

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