Monday, February 28, 2011

Today I am a designer

Today I am officially a graphic designer, my new work email signature says so! Its so exciting. I am working one day a week, designing beautiful letter press wedding invites and stationary with one of the loveliest ladies I know. I cant wait to see one of my designs printed on wonderful cotton paper with all its beautiful impressions.

Driving to the studio this morning, there was no worry or concern, no feeling of being weighted down. When I thought about where I was going I actually had a smile on my face. It is such an amazing feeling to actually enjoy what I do. Here is a sample of the gorgeous creations made by my new boss.

Now I have to prepare for a possible one day a week internship at another private studio. There is the possibility of it becoming a paid part time job as well. Who would have thought I would be on the road to my career plan so quickly!

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