Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I like lists

I like lists. I like planning and ticking things off those lists. It helps me not to freak out and really who doesn't like that feeling of achievement when you can see exactly what you have done in a day. Ok so I may be a bit of a nerd but it helps be stay organised and focused. Thats not so bad is it?

Today I have folded and put away the washing, set up a space to use as my 'office' (basically I cleaned the dining table off and set up my laptop and sketch books), started researching potential agencies that I would like to work for, set up this blog (including creating a name style for it and uploading samples of my design work), registered as a volunteer for Shark Water, prepared dinner ready to cook when Lucky gets home from the gym and created a daily plan of what I will do each day to maintain a routine and keep me motivated. Here it is...

Yes I designed it in InDesign, mostly so I remember all the things I learnt last year. And yes I realise by now you are probably saying "wow this chick is definitely a nerd", well, yes, I guess I am, and really I don't mind being a nerd, especially a design nerd!

Tomorrow will be a bit of a test day to see if this plan is workable. I am using this week to make a plan of attack for, well, my life! Not just finding a new job but working out how I can achieve some of my life goals. Maybe I will create a page for them...

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