Friday, June 17, 2011

Painting in PJs

So far this morning I have been trialling an idea for our wedding. It is an adaptation of a unity ritual. Many couples as a part of their wedding ceremony will include this ritual to show that they are coming together and are committed to each other. The most common ones are the sand ritual (where the bride and the groom both have a vase of a different coloured sand and they pour it into a third empty vase), the candle ritual (where bride and groom have a lit candleeach and use the flame to light a third candle - beware for outdoor ceremonies!), binding ritual (either the bride and grooms hands are bound together with a ribbon, also can be done with two flowers being bound in ribbon), and the list goes on. None of these things really appealed to Lucky and I, but we did want to have something to take away from the day aside from the 300+ photos. I started to think what would we actually want in our home, what do we appreciate? So I thought of creating an artwork together. Lucky uses one colour I another and we create something we can have framed and keep. After much trial and error we have settled on acrylic paint, blue for Lucky and red for me. Then we fold the paper in half and squish the paint onto each other, giving an ink blot result. Fingers crossed it works on the day and I don't get any paint on the dress!

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