Monday, May 30, 2011

Wedding stationary

One of my favourite things that I have done this year is designing our wedding stationary. We wanted something unique, fun and pretty. After much searching of where I could find coloured paper doilies I found a blog that showed how you could dye doilies at home. The blog was Charlotte's Fancy. I bought a stamp from OfficeWorks that allows you to change the letters to say whatever you want. Then they were finished with tapestry thread from a bargain city store (its one of those cheap stores like Crazy Clarks or The Warehouse). It took a little bit of time but it was well worth it!

The next element for our wedding stationary was the invitation itself. I am very lucky to have a friend who owns a very lovely letterpress business, Bespoke Letterpress, where she designs and produces the most beautiful wedding stationary. I designed our invitations with a blind impression (no ink used) in the background and black type. A little while ago on this blog I mentioned being inspired by motifs and designed a couple that were based on architecture. I reworked on of these and made it our wedding motif, its featured in the background and on the main invitation.

I also really wanted to incorporate handkerchiefs somehow. I researched and found some beautiful ideas where people had collected vintage handkerchiefs and screen printed the details onto them. I also came across some amazing fabric maps on another blog. So I set about designing something similar for our big day.

After much production work this is the final result! Well worth the work :)

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